Why should you buy a Sadaqah Box from us ?

Our one-of-a-kind Customized Sadaqah boxes are made using clay! They have been carefully hand-painted in adorable designs with cute motifs on it.  Based on  the customer’s choice, our sadaqah boxes can also feature the donor’s name on it.

NOTE! Only the first name is possible to get on the box, and only one name per box.

Why should you buy a Sadaqah Box from us ?

Our Sadaqah boxes have been primarily designed for kids and can be used as a tool to teach  them about  the importance of giving and how great a reward behind it lies with Allah.
You can give our sadaqah box to your kid as a birthday present and let them drop off some money everyday or week in their sadaqah boxes, and appreciate them for this very act. You can explain to them Hadith about charity and how ‘giving’ serves as a way to bring justice, balance, and kindness for the entire humanity.

Sometimes, you can let your children put some money in their Sadaqah box from their own savings, which, perhaps, they may have saved from their last Eidi?
And how about encouraging your child to ‘donate’ this box on their next birthday to someone in need instead of getting birthday presents? 
This way you can empower your child’s very real ability to create a positive impact; and imbibe in them generosity & humble values.

What you can do with your Sadaqah Box donations?

For the most vulnerable people out there, your donations can be a lifeline! If you choose to give your Sadaqah Box donations to Miles2Smile, you can help an orphan in need. Through your Sadaqa Box donations, we will serve all the orphans under our care with Eid gifts, stationery, books, clothing, candies, and the other essential supplies they may need.

What does Sadaqah mean?

Sadaqah means to spend something in the way of Allah, without the intention of receiving praise from the people, rather, doing it with the intention to attain reward from the blessed court of Allah. The literal translation of the word Sadaqah is ‘righteousness’. However, in the modern-day context, it has come to mean ‘voluntary charity’. The word stems from ‘sidq’, which means sincerity, suggesting that Sadaqah is a righteous behavior, and shows sincerity of faith.

Why is Sadaqah important ?

Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّhas a great reward for those who give Sadaqah and according to a blessed Hadis, the one who gives Sadaqah will not only remain safe from the heat of the grave but will also be under the shade of his Sadaqah. By the blessings of Sadaqah, misdeeds and calamities are removed; it is a source of increasing one’s age; it wards off the bad habit of arrogance; it gives protection to your loved ones from a bad end. Sadaqah becomes a barrier between Hell and a human and that fortunate person is privileged with salvation from Divine wrath.

As we all know that whatever we possess, is given to us by Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ. So spending what He عَزَّوَجَلَّ has given us will surely increase His blessings upon us; and on the contrary, despite having the ability, if we do not give Sadaqah,  this could be a cause of depriving us of blessings.

Sayyidatuna ‘Asmaa Bint Abu Bakr رَضِیَ الـلّٰـهُ تَعَالٰی عَـنْهُمَا has narrated that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said to me, ‘Do not withhold your money, for if you did so Allah  would withhold His blessings from you.’

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