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KHATTATI – Reinvent Calligraphy

With Khattati, Miles2Smile aims to satiate two fundamental human desires: ‘Creation’ and ‘Compassion’. We wanted to satisfy the creative itch that had always been in us by turning it into something profound. By designing, painting, and selling stunning works of Arabic calligraphy, Miles2Smile aims to raise donations and funds its orphan and Hifz programs to serve the distressed communities around.
The Khattati program was officially launched on December 2nd, 2022  by setting up a stall at Rekhta Bazar in Delhi. The stall sold various calligraphy artworks, and unprecedentedly turned out to be a great success. Since calligraphy is an international art, the stall was widely applauded by its visitors and we managed to generate good sale through our artworks.

In the following years, Miles2Smile intends to sell its calligraphy artworks on a wider scale, and set up our calligraphy stalls and workshops more frequently.  We also aim to launch a calligraphy learning course under our Khattati initiative and provide quality training and learning materials to our course participants.
During the course, participants will learn to make their own calligraphy materials and create one-of-a-kind artifacts.
The program is solely intended to give communities access to a creative and abundant means of livelihood. From teaching the basics of calligraphy to creating your own stunning artworks, KHATTATI provides you with everything you need to make a living off your creative talents.

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