Sabaat – Imagining an Equitable Future for Women

Ever since its inception, the Miles2Smile Foundation has been on a mission to create an economically equitable & gender-inclusive society driven towards self-reliance through sustainable development. To realize this goal, Miles2Smile Foundation has recently launched ‘Sabaat’, a stitching center for women survivors of the 2020 Delhi Pogrom & the urban underprivileged women living in distressing conditions at Shiv Vihar of Northeast Delhi. 
The launch of the stitching center was an enormous success, and nothing but a testament to the vision of the Miles2Smile foundation towards building a more sustainable & equitable future for women with the use of education, training, and employment.

The foundation has been committed to supporting the poor & underprivileged, especially women, to set up their small-scale businesses and shops.
Miles2Smile believes that it is through such self-reliant empowerment that underprivileged women have a chance at realizing a life of growth and fulfillment.
Aside from offering vocational training and skill development, the center aims to provide women with the necessary tools to become financially independent and support their families. The center will offer a wide range of courses like stitching, painting, and nail art among other vocational skills. The course curriculum is specifically designed to cater to the needs of women from the underprivileged sections of society, enabling them to earn a living with dignity.

Solution to Poverty

Under this initiative, the women who complete the training at the center will have the opportunity to work on the various projects of the organization, including producing garments for sale on our Merch, or contributing to the production of goods for other organizations or businesses.

Innovative Approach

Apart from tailoring skills, the center also provides training on Entrepreneurship Development, Personality Development, Small Business Accounting, Financial literacy, soft skills and health & hygiene that is essential for these future women entrepreneurs to work more efficiently and sustainably.


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